New Ministry!!!

Inspired by the work that we did in St. Louis on our Mission Trip, Youth Ministry will be starting a new ministry that will focus on the Corporal Works of Mercy.  But this ministry isn’t just geared toward students, we would like the ENTIRE parish to participate.  Our vision is a multigenerational group of people working to help others in our community.  We specifically encourage families to participate together, as a family, since so many activities seem to be pulling families in different directions.

Initially the justice ministry will be focusing on homelessness in our city, and as this ministry grows we will be able to talk about other Works of Mercy.   We will meet once a month.  At the first meeting we will construct blessing bags for homeless in our city and the next month we will distribute the blessing bags in some way.  Everyone who participates will get to experience both direct and indirect service.  And then the process starts all over.

Before our first meeting, we need supplies.  You can find a complete list of supplies needed by visiting:

Boxes will be available in the back of church to collect supplies starting August 20th.  Gift cards to purchase supplies will also be accepted.

If you have any questions  contact Mandy Kumler at the parish office.

And save the date.  Our first meeting will be September 20th, from 6-8:30pm in the Dickman Center