High School Religious Class Registration is OPEN.

Calling All Students in Grades 9-12! 

This year the High School Religious Ed. Classes will be taught by a team of dedicated catechists.  The classes will meet 2 Sundays a month during PREP, 9:30-10:45am, in the extra 6th grade classroom. We are hoping that having the classes at this time will better accommodate busy family calendars, especially if you have younger siblings that attend PREP. Classes begin Sept 10th.  We will be continuing to use the “Understanding the Catechism” series of books for our text, with this year’s focus being on the Prayer.  In order to cover the cost of text books and supplies, there is a $25 fee for one student, $40 fee for 2 students, and $50 fee for 3 students.  Checks can be made payable to St. Aloysius and delivered to the Parish Office.  Any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mandy Kumler, Coordinator of Youth Ministry (502-241-8452, EXT 1005 or mkumler@staloysiuspwv.org).

To register visit: http://bit.ly/hsreg17