Unleashed Results

Recently, our parish conducted a feasibility study, Unleashed, to determine the awareness of the parish regarding our $2M debt and the willingness to conduct a capital campaign to quickly pay it off. Results were stunning!
*  The participation rate was one of the highest among parishes conducting similar studies.

*  The parishioners were overwhelmingly clear about their wishes—the debt must go.

Therefore, we’re launching a 3 year capital campaign to unleash this debt.


The study itself made clear many other important facts. While none of these are surprising, they underscore what makes St. Aloysius Catholic Church a uniquely wonderful parish.

*  Parishioners love St. Aloysius Parish.

*  Parishioners are proud of our excellent school

*  Parishioners believe we are a blessed parish with many resources

*  Parishioners believe our future will be as strong, if not stronger, than our past

*  Parishioners believe we have the resolve and resources to meet any challenge


The Together We Can Campaign Kick-Off Weekend is October 28/29. More information to follow in the upcoming weeks.

To read the feasibility study click here.