Share Your Encounters

The Parish Staff has spent several weeks discussing evangelization.  Though the word evangelization can sometimes be overwhelming and be seen in a negative light, we put it in a simple phrase that everyone can understand.  Evangelization happens when people experience an encounter with Jesus Christ.  The staff has set the goal to ensure that each parishioner has an encounter with Jesus Christ.
 We know that this is going on already and we want to highlight those encounters.  We want you to tell your stories of how you encounter Jesus.  Telling these stories has a positive influence on other people’s faith.  An encounter with Christ comes from those stories and moments that touch your heart.  These events can be life changing and profound, or they can be simple, every day events where you experience Jesus in the little details.
We want to collect these stories so we can share them with our Parish community and others.  We will distribute them via flocknote, the parish Facebook page, the bulletin, announcements, and hope to have a running list available on the website.  These stories are not about personal recognition and can even be anonymous.  At most we will publish your first name.  Think of how you encounter Jesus Christ and share your story.  You can email them to the staff (, drop them in an envelope in the Sunday collection basket, call the Parish Office, shoot a staff member a text message, or even put them in the mail.  We ask that the stories be concise and about a paragraph in length.