Parish Picnic Proceeds and Capital Prize Winner

The Parish Picnic financials are completed, and we are excited to share the net total with our community. The 2023 Picnic brought in a profit of almost $70,000! We are fairly certain this a record for our parish. All of this is possible only with the help of our awesome volunteers, especially the Picnic Committee. Thank you Cyndi Kolb, Amie Kemper, Stephen Sauerbeck, Pat Murta, Greg Hillner, Gina McDonald, Amanda Curtsinger and Tim McGinty for your time and dedication.

Join the Parish Staff in congratulating the 2023 Picnic Capital Prize Winner!
Congrats to the Smallwood family (Kent, Melody, and Brooklyn).
They chose to take the car, a 2023 Buick Encore, GX.
Thank you for supporting our parish by purchasing a Capital Prize ticket.