Safety Procedures For Mass

As we reopen Church for the public celebration of Mass, I want to bring to your attention some policies and procedures that we will do to protect one another in the midst of the pandemic.

  1. Archbishop Kurtz has issued a dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation for the Archdiocese of Louisville, until further notice. Anyone who is sick or living with someone who is sick should stay home, as should anyone who feels vulnerable for other reasons. For this reason we will continue our online Masses so you may continue worshiping at home.

Before the Mass:

  1.  Before you come, you may want to take your temperature.  Please bring a mask for everyone who comes.  You will be asked to wear a mask while you are in Church.  Do not come if you are sick, or if anyone in your household is sick.
  2. You will enter the main Church through the front doors near the Baptismal Font.  The other doors are for exit only.
  3. When you arrive, you will be counted.  We are allowed 330 people in the main Church.  
  4. You will be seated in a staggered fashion to keep a distance of six feet from someone who is not in your household.
  5. Only one person allowed in the restroom at a time-(children with their parents, of course.)  Please use the restroom before you come.   The restroom must be cleaned after each use.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be at each doorway.

During the Mass:

  1. There will be no offertory procession of the bread and wine to the altar
  2. There will be no sign of peace offered to each other.
  3. The precious blood will not be offered.
  4. For the Eucharistic procession, we ask that you keep a safe distance from someone not in your household.
  5. All ministers of Eucharist-ordinary and extraordinary-will wear masks during the distribution of the Eucharist.

After the Mass:

  1. Please do not congregate for social purposes in the Church building.  Stay a safe social distance from those not in your household.
  2. If you bring an offering (thank-you!)  you may leave it in a basket near the exits.
  3. We could use many volunteers after Mass to wipe down the tops of the pews and some other surfaces to clean our facility.