Health and Safety Guidelines for Mass

In light of new guidelines given by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the growing number of people vaccinated, Archbishop Kurtz has established new guidelines for worship and parish life in the pandemic. Below is a description of how these changes will have an impact on our worship and parish life:

Proper distance between households has been reduced to three feet. During the pandemic, we will keep the space in our church usually marked for the CLOW room open, to create more space in our Church.

1. Very soon, we will start the offering of gifts at the Liturgy. We would prefer volunteers to be fully vaccinated, and to sanitize their hands before and after the offering of gifts. Two gifts will be offered, that is the bread and wine that will be consumed by the priest.

2. Beginning May 19, daily Mass will resume in the Chapel. We will require a separation of three feet for people, the wearing of masks, and proper hand sanitizing.

3. Confessions on Saturday morning will resume in the Chapel reconciliation room. The priest and the penitent must keep a distance of three feet.

4. Although the rule for social distance has been revised, we continue to require the use of masks or facial coverings in Church, and the sanitizing of hands.

5. We will continue to keep the Church building, the Chapel, and all spaces on our Church property properly sanitized.

6. The Archbishop continues to dispense from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays, and Holy Days of Obligation for the Archdiocese of Louisville.  We will continue to stream our Masses virtually, and have them available on YouTube. We will still make available Eucharist outside Mass on Sundays from 12:30 PM until 1:00 PM.

Even though the dispensation is still in effect, we welcome and encourage EVERYONE to return to Mass in person as soon as they are comfortable doing so.  Our hope is that as more people receive vaccinations, that comfort level will increase.

After the Mass:

Please do not congregate for social purposes in the Church building. Stay a safe social distance from those not in your household. If you bring an offering, you may leave it in a basket near the exits.

Cleaning Volunteers

As part of our continued efforts to allow everyone to worship comfortably and safely, we are looking for volunteers to help sanitize the pews and other frequently touched surfaces after each Mass.  Cleaning supplies, including gloves, are provided.  Volunteers can pick up the supplies in the ushers room. A staff member will meet you in the back to go over what needs to be done. Thank you for your help to keep everyone safe and healthy in our parish community.